How To Remove The Peach Fuzz Off Your Face

Have you or do you ever shaved your face? Sounds crazy right! Well whats the truth and myths behind shaving your face?

Let’s start off by saying the first thing many think about shaving the little hairs on your face, is that the hair will grow thicker…. well THATS A COMPLETE MYTH! I promise you that shaving the hair off your face WILL NOT grow thicker!

Now the benefits of shaving your face are that 1. it remove the top layer of dead skin off your face, which leads into 2. clearer skin 3. shaving helps with the absorption of the beauty products going directly into the skin more, rather than sitting on hair follicles 4. it makes your foundation go on smoothly and last benefit 4. actually performs an exfoliation, which calls for a great step in your beauty routine!

How often do you shave your face?

I shave my face once every couple of weeks. I honestly just do it when I need too, but when I do… I instantly see a difference. Did you know that the hair follicles on your face create a green shadow, especially above your lip. So once you remove the peach fuzz, it remove the green shadow.

How do you do it?

Below is the step by step process of how I shave my face. I purchase my facial or eyebrow shavers off Amazon, and they are seriously the best! I’ve tried ones from 99 Cent store in the past, and the blade wasn’t as good or as smooth as the Tinkle shavers.

Step 1:

You want to start off with a clean face. So if you have any makeup on, now is the time to remove it.

Step 2:

Wet the Tinkle shaver under water or spray it with a toner or facial mist, just so it’s wet/damp.

Step 3: 

Apply a FACIAL lotion onto your face. I apply the lotion to the area that I’m currently working on. Otherwise areas might dry up, if you apply a very thin layer.

Step 4:

Pulling your skin tightly, apply the Tinkly shaver directly onto your skin and shave DOWN towards your neck. You DO NOT want to shave upwards towards your head. This may cause little cuts, and believe me… they sting!

Step 5:

Once you shave an area clean the shaver with wet water to remove the dead skin/hair or I like to use a round makeup remover wipe to clean it as well. Whatever works for you, but it’s best to clean it after each use.

Step 6:

Take your time! Try not to be in a rush when doing this. I’ve tried rushing before and ended up making little favor burn cuts on my face… and as I said before when shaving upwards… it stings!

Step 7:

After you are done shaving your face, wash your face, and then finish off with any beauty oils and moisturizer. Just be careful on any beauty oils that you apply. It might cause a reaction because your skin is very exfoliated. If anything just apply a moisturizer.

Step 8:

Wash your Tinkle shaver very good and dry right away. Leaving the shaver wet can cause the blades to rust… which isn’t good! Eventually the shaver blades will start to rust.. I highly suggest NOT to use them once you see this happen, just so it doesn’t cut you!

VOILA! That’s all folks! I hope you find this helpful and really like the benefits of shaving your face. Like I said before… don’t be scared! You’re peach fuzz will not grow thicker or longer!


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