Hello, Manhattan

WELCOME TO NEW YORK!! I swear everytime I talk about New York I always think about that song by Taylor Swift “Welcome to New York”.

New York City… so many things I can say about this beautiful city! Let me first start off by saying, how much this place has changed since I last been here. I could honestly say, years ago I did not like my visit to New York. Now, I was underage when I first visited NY and was with my parents, but there was something about it then, that I did not like. Fast forward to about 15 years later, I’m back and I LOVE it!! Not only did I fall in love with NYC, but I had the best group of girls anyone could ask for by my side!!

The reason why we went to New York is because of my niece. She is a college student there, living the grand life in the city. It was also going to be her 18th birthday. So what better way spending it with all the girls from Vegas!! GIRLS TRIP!

We arrived in NYC around midnight and by then were starving! We all thought that NYC would be somewhat similar to Vegas, and there would be plenty of places still open so we could grab something to eat… well little did we know, it was NOT like Vegas. Room service was closed, and our only option was a sandwich shop, which didn’t quite looked good to eat. The deli meat looked very old, and none of us wanted to risk getting food poisining on the first day of arrival. So we basically starved ourselves to sleep until the next morning.


Our first full day in Manhattan was all about sightseeing!

The last time I was in NYC, was when the World Trade Center was down. To see the new One World Trade Center now, is breathtaking. Although, when you are standing where the old towers were, you can’t help but feel a sense of sadness of what happened.














After visiting the Trade Center and the Oculus Mall, we finally met up with my niece (who was in school) and had some delicious lunch with a great view of the Harbor!


The station everyone uses to go back and forth from New Jersey to New York- World Trade Center Path Station.

Later that day, you know after a quick nap, we decided to go to Time Square. We had to get there by subway, and obviously we were way too excited to be taking the NY subway for the very first time!

Time Square…


And to end our night before heading back to the hotel, we had to stop by Junior’s Bakery to have… NEW YORK CHEESECAKE!





Let me tell you, if you haven’t had cheesecake from this place, do so now! So delicious! fullsizeoutput_307e

The very next day, we went to upper Manhattan, and visited my niece’s dorm and the area she lives in.

Lets talk about the spectacular view she gets from her room!!


Can’t leave NYC without having NY Pizza…

and visiting Central Park


Later that night it was time to celebrate my niece’s 18th birthday!!

Our last day here, and luckily our flights weren’t until 6pm. So Chinatown and Little Italy it was! My niece took me into a great little Italian Bakery, and that is where I discovered  my love for Nougat!

Chinatown was down the street from Little Italy, making it very convenient. We did a little shopping there (bargain..bargain..bargain) and had some amazing lunch at a very popular Chinese restaurant. Many celebrities visit here. I definitely recommend it and if you visit, you must try their soup dumplings!!!!


Lastly, before our Uber arrived, I found this Japanese Bakery, which made the best Japanese Cheesecake… which was to die for!!!

Although, our trip in New York was very short and consisted in a lot of eating, sight-seeing, and shopping; we had a blast! It was our first ever girls trip, and definitely won’t be the last! I can honestly say this was one of the best trips I’ve ever had, besides my husband’s and I destination wedding and honeymoon.. haha!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved reminiscing on our trip! Until next time…

All with love,


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