Health Update- What Happened?

Oh Hi August…. So, I’m approaching September… and you are probably like “yeah, ok”? Well, September 12th, 2018 is when I started doing following the ketogenic lifestyle. Up until a few days before Christmas, I DID GREAT! I lost 40 pounds, I felt amazing, I could see the weight coming off, and a lot of health problems went away. So what happened?

Well, this crazy busy life of mine happened! And of course life always happens, and that shouldn’t be the excuse, but because i’ve been overweight since technically middle school, it’s hard to adjust to a healthy lifestyle and then have SO MANY EVENTS, gatherings, birthdays, holidays going on. I let my head and desires get the best of me, and got off track. I’ve been attempting to really get back on the train, but something always comes up and then i’m sitting here choosing the foods that aren’t good for me.

I also know that things will really change when you REALLY want is, and I think that saying is easier said than done. Of course I “really” want it, but MAN IS IT HARD.

But anyways…. enough EXCUSES.


(this weigh-in was today (8/13) but I did weigh myself yesterday (8/12) and weighed in at 281.6 but for some reason when I used my moms scale the blue screen on the scale was not picking up the numbers on camera… so I used MY scale this morning to weigh-in again, so I have record of it)

I’m here, gained about 20 pounds back (now weighing in at 281.6), and I’m telling it to all my readers, I’m back and trying again! As long as I don’t give up right? This time, I’m really going to try. I know that events, birthdays, gatherings will always be there. They will be there next year too, but I’m trying to find a balance and not let that get to me. I’m trying to find what works, and OBVIOUSLY having cheat meals on EVERY occasion, just isn’t working. In fact, that’s what completely threw me off track and not focusing on any goals.

So, I’m going back to the basics. I’m going back to worked best and that’s going back on a low carb diet… the ketogenic diet….


(yes, I realize how dirty the mirror is, but that’s what happens when your kids are obsessed with this mirror, and you get TIRED of constantly wiping it down)

I know some don’t agree with the ketogenic diet, but what works for some may not work for you. To each their own (hahaha). But seriously, I look at it this way… some may not agree with the keto lifestyle, but you didn’t agree with me eating all the crap I was eating… and most likely didn’t say anything at that time I was eating all that crap… BUT now that I’m doing Keto, you have an opinion? It’s my body… thank you! If it works, then stick with what works. Why change it if it’s not broken?

I know that sounded kind of harsh, but seriously!

OK MOVING ON… So, my plan is to go back to my old ways, just when I first started keto. You can read more here when I first did the keto diet last year and what I was eating.  Doing 1 cheat a month, planning it out, and scheduling that day. It worked back then, it’ll work now. And, no I’m not that type that can’t do any cheats at all… that just doesn’t work with me. I want to make this a HEALTHY lifestyle, but still be able to enjoy a treat every now and then. So, 1 cheat meal a month… and no that’s not 1 cheat DAY… 1 cheat MEAL! I haven’t yet decided which day I will make my cheat, but I’m not really focusing on that quite yet.

So there ya have it folks… I fell, but I got back up again and that’s all I can do.


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