Top 5 Fave Pinterest Ideas For Halloween School Parties

Let’s talk about Halloween school parties. My kid’s school celebrates the holidays and always celebrates it with a school party. I love trying to get creative with Halloween treats, because well there is just way to many creative + adorable ideas. So why not! Plus the kiddos will think it’s cute… or maybe not, but I love making them.  


For the girl’s Halloween parties this year, I purchased these mini Jack-O-Lantern Buckets and also found this gigantic tub of pre-packaged cheeseballs + mini Rice Krispie treats at Sams Club. I seriously loved how they turned out!

I also thought I’d share some of my favorite Halloween treat ideas to make for school parties or even if you wanted to make it for your trick or treaters (although you may need to make a lot). There are a few ideas on here that I’ve done in the past and some that have caught my eye and will definitely be doing in the future! *The pictures below are not mine. The images on Pinterest that were linked to a website are also linked at the bottom in case you want a detail description of how they made it.

(1) Pinterest 2018-10-24 12-34-19

1. Candy Glove | Such a cute idea! I made something similar to this last year for my kids Halloween party give aways and it turned out super cute!

(1) Pinterest 2018-10-24 12-32-30

2. DIY Witch Brooms | Seriously! How cute are these!?! Such a creative idea, and all you need are brown paper bags, yarn, a halloween pencil, and whatever type of candy or treat that you want to go inside. Definitely need to re-create this next year for my kiddos!

(1) Pinterest 2018-10-24 12-30-38

3. Twix or Treat | Love how simple.. yet cute this is!

(1) Pinterest 2018-10-24 12-31-52

4. Mummy Apple Sauce | I love this idea, especially since it’s more on the healthier side.  It also just consist of googly eyes, white streamers, and applesauce. How easy is that!

(1) Pinterest 2018-10-24 12-32-52

5. Lollipop Spider | I’ve done this in the past and the kids go crazy over this.           Lollipop = SUGAR … Fake spider = to scare people! Hahaha

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