February Round Up

Anyone else felt like February flew by? I swore it was just the beginning of the month just last week, but it’s probably because this month is a little shorter 😆.

As far as the month went, it’s been quite interesting to say the least. Pretty busy, but also in a major funk when it came to blogging; which led to me not write a lot of posts. But, even though I was in a major funk, we still had a very busy month going on….

Aquatic Springs- Indoor Swimming Pool

We started off the month with swimming at Aquatic Springs, which also happens to be the place where Melia + Avery take their swim lessons at. We love coming here when it’s open play/swim. They bring out the inflatable obstacle courses, which of course they have a blast on!

 Nephew’s 9th Birthday!

My nephew, who is a month older than Melia, turned 8! My sister decided to not do a party this year. So we all went to their favorite indoor trampoline place Gravady.

We had such a blast jumping for hours there. I can only last about 30 mins or so when it comes to jumping because I have bad ankles, but regardless, it’s still fun! Reminds me of how I was when I was a kid.

After going to the indoor trampoline park, we all went out to dinner at one of favorite chinese restaurants in China Town.

Valentine’s Day 

Every year since our kids have been in school, their class always do celebrations when it comes to a holiday, so of course they were doing one for Valentine’s Day. My husband and I seriously love being apart of our daughters school parties. We’ve NEVER missed a party or event. I’ll be sad when that day comes + parents are no longer invited. 😪

Later that night, we originally had reservations booked to have dinner at an Italian restaurant that we’ve never been to before, but ended up having to cancel last minute because of our daughter’s swim class. Typically, I would have had them skip that class and make it up at another time, but this was their ‘testing’ day, which would tell them if they’ve been advance to the next level… So yeah, no skipping that class!

But, we ended up having dinner at Olive Garden, which we already love that place. I mean seriously…. who doesn’t love endless amounts of breadsticks + salad? YUMMM!

Date night

Since my husband has been working so much within the last couple of weeks (we are talking about 3 1/2 weeks straight of no days off and even at times working 18 hours a day) I decided to take him to a really nice restaurant that we’ve never been too before but were dying to try out. And, I’m SO GLAD WE DID!

We went to Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse and guys let me just say- this place is amazing! It’s more of a fine dining experience and definitely on the expensive side, but we do like doing fine dining a few times a year, with just us two.

SNOW in Vegas??

Yes, you read that right. IT SNOWED IN VEGAS my friends! The last time it snowed here was 10 years ago, so of course we had to go outside and play in the snow for a good hour or so. It might not sounds like a big deal to those that get snow yearly, but for Las Vegas, it was a HUGE deal for us! Don’t worry, we weren’t the only crazy ones out there though. There were so many other kids and even adults in awe of the snow and calling all their family/friends! 😂

President’s Day + No School = FUN DAY OUT

We started out the day by taking the girls to have lunch at AppleBee’s and then I took them to a brand new place that they’ve never been to before…. Lost Worlds Myth + Magic

This was our first time here, and I’m not sure if I would come again. It honestly was a chaotic mess! I don’t want to be a complainer, but they were just EXTREMELY understaff making it very frustrating for everyone. Other than that, the kids had a blast there. There was a lot for them to do, and they LOVED the 3 story jungle gym!

We ended our play date with some Cold Stone ice-cream, one of my favorite ice-cream spots!


Brace update

Ok, I was really disappointed in this months visit. I seriously thought I was going to have these braces off by this month, but NOPE that was not the case. Still have them on…. 🙄

Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY grateful that my aunt placed braces on me, which definitely built my confidence with my smile, but it does get VERY tiring traveling back and forth from Las Vegas to Carson, California (4 hours one way). Plus, the miles it’s putting on my car gets overwhelming. 

So, at this point, she is now trying to correct my overbite, which means I’m back on these elastics, which I dislike VERY MUCH! 

After our brace appointment, my aunt and I decided to have dinner back at the same Thai restaurant we went too last month. Their food is sooo good!

We did end up staying the night there, and came home the next day, and it was a good thing that we did because…..


YES, for the second time (within a week) it snowed in Vegas! This time it snowed A LOT! By the next morning, it was absolutely beautiful and the snow was still coming down hard. I actually planned to have the kids go to school (was actually on our way there), and decided to be the MOM OF THE YEAR and let the kids skip school…. SNOW DAY!

Since, I decided to let the kids stay home from school, I took them to the park and had them go sledding! SO MUCH FUN! We built snowman, and had snowball fights. It was a moment we’ll all cherish and remember.

You would think that our school district would have cancelled school day that right? I mean the snow was heavily coming down in the morning, but nope school still in progress. Well the very next day, they thought there was going to be freezing weather conditions, and decided to cancel school the next day. Well, in fact the skies were crystal clear and the weather was 50 degrees out. Why they cancelled school, was beyond me, but hey the kids were happy about it.

Restaurant of the week

I wanted to share with you all a new restaurant that we tried and was amazing. So for an locals out here or if you are planning on visiting Vegas (who knows you may even have one of these near you), you should definitely try this place out….Bonchon Chicken.

I’ve heard many of people tell me how amazing this place is, so we decided to give it a try. Let me just say it DID NOT disappoint! We got the garlic + soy and my husband got a few pieces of the spicy (which he said was really spicy but he liked it). Definitely a spot that we’ll go again.

Swim Class – Stroke Introduction 

The girls passed their first swim class earlier this month, and has already begun the next level which is stroke introduction.

Don’t forget to check out all of this months blog post. I know I wasn’t really active this month, but I promise I am out of whatever funk I was in… AND I’M BACK!


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