Favorite Summer Sandals!!

Ok, so we all love those PERFECT summer sandals, don’t we all!?! I’ve been living in all these sandal slides lately (can’t you tell by my footprints marked into the sandals..haha)! The best part is they are all very comfortable, affordable, and super cute!

These sandal slides from Target have been my #1 summer sandals lately! They are just adorable and very comfy! Definitely a pair that I’ll be wearing all summer long!

Another pair from Target that I’m loving!!! These slip on sandals go with just about any outfit! The pink bow is just way too cute!

Here are some other favorite sandals that I am loving from Target!


These faux leather flip flops are my favorite flip flops of all time! There is also a MASSIVE sale on their site and in store (up to 80% off) and also on these flip flops making them only $5.99 a pair!!! The last time they had their flip flops on sale, they didn’t have much to choose from in my size, and today was my lucky day! I picked up 3 pairs in different colors!

The last pair of sandals that I’m loving are actually from Burlington Coat Factory. I’m sad to say that I can’t find a link for these exact slides or something similar to it, but here are a couple other sandals that I’m loving from their site.

All with love,


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