Amazing Valentino DUPES!

All thanks to a fellow blogger that I follow on IG (@jscott24) she has found the best Valentino dupes EVER!

If you have been wanting a pair of Valentino Rockstud Jelly Thong flip flops but can’t bite the bullet in spending over $300 in them, than these dupes will be the best $18 you’ll spend in something that’s pretty much identical to the real thing!! So jump right on it + order now. They are going fast!

When I ordered it, I wasn’t really sure what to expect to be honest, so I only ordered the flip flops in black. But, now that I’ve seen how great and identical they are, I’m ordering them in nude too! I will say they do run true to size, and unfortunately only carry up to size 9 for some unknown reason.

(the only difference that I see is that it does not say the brand name)

(the print looks identical to the real thing)

(even has the metal circles underneath the strap)

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