Fall Target Try-On (part 1)

Kids are back to school and try-on sessions are back!!! Yeah baby!

All you mommas/daddys out there know that when kids are out of school, they are glued to your hip, and want to go EVERYWHERE with you! “CAN I JUST GO TO THE STORE BY MYSELF“! KIDS- “NOPEEEEE“!!!!

Hey, there is no shame in needing some mommy time, right? It’s good for our souls. hahaha, but seriously!

So, of course you know this momma went to my FAVORITE place (Target) and had to check out their fall selection of clothing!

I will say, I am impressed, and so excited for the super cute fall clothes they brought out! I WANT THEM ALL!

HOWEVER, I did do this try-on, on the HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR (110 degrees out) and coming into Target didn’t seem like they believed in air conditioning (hahaha). So I planned on doing this BIG Fall try-on, but man was it hot inside and was I sweating!!! I literally tried on 1 pair of pants.. immediately took them off and was like NOPE this isn’t happening today. So, I did try on a few shirts, but not all. Sweat was literally dripping down my face (not cute).

So for now, here are a few of my favorite shirts that caught my eye immediately! I did walk out of Target with 2 shirts and a cardigan already! I will definitely come back again (soon) and do part 2 of this try on, but for now here it is…..

(Click on the pictures for direct links to the blouse/top)

Presentation (16:9) - Sincerly 2019-08-13 12-30-20

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