Beautiful DIY Halloween Sign Under $10 Bucks!

Happy October y’all! There is so many exciting things going on this month, and it all starts with decorating for Halloween. This year I’m incorporating more of a ‘modern’ twist to our Halloween decorations around the house.

When I was brainstorming ideas on what I wanted to create for my affordable DIY project I wanted to do something other than a Halloween wreath, like I created last month for fall. 

The sign that I made below, was super affordable (cost me $10 total), very easy to make, and looks amazing hung up!

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden letters (of any saying, it doesn’t have to say BOO)
  • Paint of your choosing
  • Paint brush
  • Tulle or any ribbon of any sort to bind the letters together


  • Decorations
  • Hot glue gun

Step by step instructions:

These wooden letters, the paint, and the paint brushes were all purchased at Hobby Lobby. The wooden letters were $2.49 each, the paint was $1.49, and the paint brush I bought was a long time ago and came in a variety pack. However, any paint brush will work. If you need to purchase one, I would get one that is cheap, as this project does not need for you to use an expensive brush.


1. Squirt some of the paint onto a paper that will NOT leak through your table and dip your paint brush into the paint and start painting your wooden letters. This paint dries fairly quickly, so if you need to add another coating you can add another coating within 15-20 minutes.

I added a total of 2 coatings  to the letters and let it dry for about 20 minutes.


2. Once dried you will take your ribbon or tulle and cut it into however long of a piece you want, depending on the bow size. Place the ribbon underneath the two letters leaving some of the ribbon/tulle on each side, so you can create your bow.

3. Create your bow, and adjust the bow just how you like it.

4. Repeat the same steps for the next letter(s)

5. Next you can either leave your creation just like that or if you want to add a bit more touch to it, you can add other decorations of your choosing.


6. I have chosen to add these little glittery bats that I purchased from the Dollar Tree, and just removed the metal clipping from the back.

7. Before glueing the bats onto the wooden letters, I placed them exactly where I wanted them, to make sure everything looks good.


8. Once you have your placement, glue the bats onto the letters using your hot glue gun.

9. Place your decoration down onto the glue and hold for 10 seconds

10. Repeat steps 7-8 if necessary


11. Once everything is glued, I make any last adjustments. I felt that my bows needed some fixing, so I cut the ends to make both bows even.

Final Product!

Now you can hang it wherever you like and enjoy your little easy/affordable/super cute masterpiece! 

This project literally only took me less than 2 hours to make, and most of that was waiting for the paint to officially dry before applying the next coating. If any of you plan on recreating this or something similar, definitely tag me if you have IG or send me a picture in my comments below. I would LOVE to see your re-creation! 



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