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Ever since we purchased the our home, I’ve been so excited to start decorating the girls room! Melia (my oldest) is obsessed with everything galaxy right now, as it seems it’s a really popular theme for a lot of kids. However, I knew I had to modernize the ‘galaxy theme’ so that way it can last a few years and so she won’t outgrow it right away. I knew that I didn’t want to paint the room dark with purple and blue paint colors and she end up getting out of the ‘galaxy phase’ as she gets older. She’s 9 years old now, and starting to enter the tween phases in her life… and any mamas out there knows what that entails.











Since I had a blank slate to start with it was easy to visualize how I wanted her room to look like. I also leaned on Pinterest for a lot of inspo on modern galaxy room, and I found one that hit the jackpot, and one that Melia loved too!


I first started with her walls, and found these navy blue star wall decals on amazon for less than $10.00 a packet. I started off with 1 order, but ended up needing to order 1 more later on.

Normally when placing any type of wall decals or wall paper on, your walls are suppose to be smooth and not textured… well here in Las Vegas, contractors love textured walls. So every room in our house is textured. I didn’t want to smooth the entire walls and I definitely didn’t want to sand down each spot where the star decal was going to be. So, I decided to lay these bad boys right on top and see what it’ll do.

In all honesty, it doesn’t look bad at all. You really can’t notice the texture unless you look really close. And, I did notice some of the decal raising and not fully sticking because of the texture, but luckily none have peeled off (it’s been about a month or so since the decals have been on her wall from the date of this blog post)… which is what I was worried about.


When it came to the wall arts in her room, I loved the look of light wood on white, just like the inspo picture, and I found these 11×14 wood picture frames on amazon that resemble the inspo picture very well and created on Google Docs the quote “Live by the sun love by the moon”.

I also, found this abstract wall art that I felt resembles part of the moon phases and love that it ties in with her personalized star map.

This one is Melia and I’s absolute favorite print. It’s a personalized star map from the night she was born. So cool right? I was able to personalize it and add her name and the day she was born. Not only does it go with her theme perfectly, but it’s something she can treasure forever!

As far as the last 2 pieces of artwork in her room, a local artist here in town gave Melia this special piece that she loved and we new that we wanted it hung somewhere in her room. One of the cool thing about this piece is that her drew this using only sharpies and only using dots! Crazy huh? So, to compliment the art, I bought this single oak beige picture frame and I feel like it goes perfectly with the piece and with the other frames and woods in her room.

Lastly, I saw this canvas online, and fell in love with it. I thought was so sentimental. It resembles a mother and daughters bond. I only wished they made this canvas bigger, however it was too adorable to pass up.


As far as the bedding, I ordered this quilted comforter that almost 20,000 reviews on amazon, and ordered this beautiful duvet cover. I absolutely love it, however, I’m not sure if it’s my daughter that sleeps crazy or if it’s the duvet cover that just keeps untying off, but by the next morning her comforter is in a big ball. So I may need to double knot it or purchase some magnetic clips so the comforter doesn’t move.

But, unfortunately, they no longer sell this particular one, however I found one that’s similar but in navy blue.

As far as the headboard I purchased on amazon. It’s great quality and looks great with everything. I feel like this piece pulled everything together.

And lastly, to complete her bed I purchased these faux fur pillows from Target a while back; which I actually purchased and used for Melia’s 6th Barbie Picnic birthday. We just never used the pillows for their room because it really didn’t go with the theme back then. Luckily, I kept them and adds great texture to the bedding.


Next to her bed, is this beautiful bedside table that I found on for a great price. Unfortunately, I mis-read how many tables came with the order (only 1) and by the time it was delivered, it was already sold out online for the white. So I do have to wait until August for the white table to come back in stock.

On top of the table, is this ceramic scalloped lamp. I did purchase another lamp for the other table, but until I can order that one in August, that other lamp is hanging out on top of her closet. Along with her lamp, we just placed her first little piggy bank that she got when she was a baby, and to the left of her bedside table is her giant Coca-Cola bank that she also got when she was little. I swear I feel like everyone has had or seen these giant Coca-Cola banks (lol).



A few other wall shelves that I purchased from amazon are these leather strap wood floating shelves and I’m seriously obsessed with them. They fit perfectly in this space and goes exactly with how I envisioned her room to look like. On the shelves, I places little decorations that she’s either made or had when she was little.


And the last shelf that we love, is this round wall floating shelf  and again just used some decorations that we had laying around our home.

When it came to all of Melia’s toys and stuffed animals I found these large storage tubs. One thing about Melia is that she is obsessed with stuffed animals, and has probably over a 100 of them. So we currently, have all her stuffed animals stored in the tub in her closet. In the other tub in her room, we have other larger item toys stored there.


To store all her books, smaller toys, and journals and such; I got this 8 cube storage shelf from Ikea. The navy blue cubed storage bins fit perfectly inside of the shelf and hold some of her small toys, headbands, work books, etc.

A great addition to her room to make it a little more glam is this faux fur round rug.

The drapes and curtain rod in her room are from Target. The curtains are black out curtains, and are great for keeping out the sun and cooling the room; especially since the sun hits her room directly in the afternoon.


I love a good re-furbished dresser. Melia had this dresser since she was a baby and didn’t want to get rid of it. So I decided to re-paint the dresser white and add new hardware to it. Look at it now, it looks brand new! But, don’t be fooled; this dresser at first gave me some issues.

At first, I just cleaned it down and then used the same paint that we used to paint our walls (Behr Pure White). However, the outcome didn’t go as planned. It was VERY splotchy. So I decided to sand it down and spray paint it.


This ‘LOVE’ light up sign, I had for many years and was used for parties (when I had a party stylist business) and Melia wanted it in her room. It does have a little of a vintage look, but I think it gives a great look to her room. I couldn’t find the exact one I purchased years ago, but I did find this one that is very similar.


And the last few things in her room that she wanted was a mirror. I found this super affordable mirror that I hung up behind her door on the wall. This mirror is actually an over the door mirror, but since we have this over the door organizer rack behind her door, we decided to just place it on the wall instead, which worked out great!

There you have it. Her room is completely done (except ordering her other dresser), but it was so fun working on her room. I seen inspiration that we fell in love with and executed it!



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