Cute + Affordable Spring/Summer Hats!

Happy Monday everyone! So, last week, I went to my favorite store, Target, and found the most ADORABLE hats for Spring + Summer!

The best part is that all of these hats cost $5 bucks or less!!!! Yes, you read that right! Unfortunately, I tried to find these hats online at Target for you all, but it’s no where on their site! I believe it’s because all of these were located at the dollar section, and I’m guessing they don’t place any of their dollar section items on their site. But, I still had to show you all, because they are a GREAT price! So run while you can, before they sell out!

I decided to grab a few different one this year because I’m always at the pool during the summer + we have a few upcoming vacations coming up this and next year, so these hats will definitely come in handy!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend. I have another busy week coming up! I’ll be leaving for California on Tuesday and will be there until Wednesday + on top of that it’s Melia’s 8th birthday!

Since Melia’s birthday is this Thursday, my husband and I are bringing donuts to her class +  and then later that night having dinner at one of her favorite restaurants… Olive Garden! Then this Saturday is her birthday party (which I will be vlogging the set up + her actual party), so we definitely have a busy week ahead! 

Stay tuned for all the upcoming blog post this week. I know I was suppose to get up the dry shampoo post last week, but things got a little too crazy with both of the girls field trips for school (EXHAUSTING)! But, I promise to have it up this week for you all! 


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