Coat Closet Makeover For Less Than $100

Somehow the coat closet always becomes a mess in our house. No one like hanging up their jackets on the hanger and eventually it becomes a mountain of jackets….. and other miscellaneous junk! So it was time to fix it!


I knew that with a beautiful and organized closet, things would change and would want us to keep up with it’s beauty! I also knew that I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on this closet, because let’s be honest, it’s rarely going to be seen. So my goal was to spend less than $100 bucks on all the shelving, organizing bins, and anything else needed for this closet.


So, when it comes to any type of organizing project, it’s always best to start with a clean slate. Also, one of my favorite things to do before starting is to look on Pinterest and get some ideas on what I want my closet to look like.


After cleaning everything out, next step is to get rid of things that you don’t need, you no longer wear, and things that you really want kept inside of the closet. When I cleaned out the closet, I had coats and jackets in there that we rarely use… or use once in a while. So I decided to make this coat closet with just jackets/sweaters/coats that we use all the time. I can’t begin to tell you how much this reduced our clutter in here.


After I knew what I was placing inside it was time to shop!!! My favorite part! I went to my favorite store Target and found this 2 cube storage organizer which fit perfectly in our closet. I could have purchased one a little longer, but I personally like the extra side space to put larger things on those side… which I actually store my tripods at. Another thing that I purchased here were these matte black hangers. I don’t know why I never converted our hangers to these non slip velvet hangers before. They are amazing especially for being inside of the coat closet. We don’t deal with the jackets/coats falling off the hangers anymore and falling onto the floor…. AH-MAZ-ING! Lastly, I purchased these 2 wire cube storage bins that I fell make the whole look. As you can see, I decided to store extra toilet paper and our umbrella in these bins.


As far as the black/gold tray in the middle, I actually had this from our last home and luckily I kept it. I love how it pulls the closet together with the detail on the tray, and it store and fits all my Bath & Body Work candles!

I also decided to check out Walmart and stumbled across these super inexpensive storage bins that fit perfectly in the cube shelves. Love them and the Herringbone color! In these bins I decided to store our wax candles and wall plugs and in the other bin I keep all our vacuum accessories and random misc things in. The larger brown woven basket I also purchased at Walmart (unfortunately this item is NOT listed online so I don’t have a direct link for it) and keep all of our gloves and hats in. And, for the smaller brown storage basket I actually also had from our previous house and threw that in as well.

And there you have it.. a complete closet makeup for less than $100… in fact less than $80 bucks! So I definitely would say that if you have other storage bins or baskets and they will go with your theme style… then absolutely go for it and use it! You don’t have to purchase everything new. I mean I could have totally purchased another basket to replace the old one I have that is currently sitting on the cube storage, but for now I feel that it works, and I love it.

Hope you all loved this little makeover I did, and hopefully it inspired you to do some organizing in your home! If so, I hope you share! Also, be sure to check out all the links of where I purchased everything from and down below of some other great storage options that I love as well.


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