Beauty Finds At Marshalls

Are you as shocked as I am? Marshalls selling high end makeup and at half the cost!! I was told that Marshall’s was selling high end makeup, so I had to go check it out myself. Sure enough, they had Anastasia Beverly Hills contour pallets and glow kits, Pixie pallets, lots of NYX pallets, LORAC products, Stilla products, etc. Also, selling drug store products as well.

Here where the products that I ended up purchasing. Although, I wanted to purchase so much more, because these products are half the price (sometimes more),  but I did have to hold back… and well, so my husband doesn’t yell at me for buying more makeup!



I am most shocked about this find! Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, priced at $18.99 at Marshall’s. I did look online at and at and both were selling this pallet for $40.00, that’s more than 50% savings at Marshalls!









I also purchased the Berlin NYX set, priced at $5.99 at Marshalls. They had many of these sets too choose from, but this set definitely caught my eye, and the price made it even more appealing. I wasn’t too fawn of the brown matte lip cream, but when I actually tried it on when I got home and applied nude lipstick on top (as an ombre) I love it now! The eyeshadows, blush, and highlight are what really caught my eye! I also did look up this set online through NYX’s site and it’s original price is $15.00, but on sale for $12.00. So, I got this for 50% off, which i’ll take anytime!



When I was at Target the other day looking at nail polishes, they were $8.69 each. So, I ended up not purchasing them there, however, I found both of these beautiful colors are Marshall’s and was priced at $3.99 each!

This OPI polish is called Do You Take Lei Away? – this is the perfect nude with more of a brown undertone.






This OPI polish is called My Vampire Is Buff – this has more of a pink undertone… I LOVE THIS ONE!!





Have any of you known about this? I don’t know if they overstock all these products and end up selling them to Marshalls or what, but now knowing that I can find high end and even drug store makeup here, is a steal!

If any of you end up going there and finding some beauty product steals, let me know! I would love to know what you found!

All with love,


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