Decorate With Me| Avery’s Room Reveal

Some BEFORE pictures of Avery’s room

When decoration Avery’s room, it was total opposite of Melia. Avery is more of the girly than Melia is, so I knew her room needed to involve pink. I also knew that I had a lot of girly and pink decorations to already work with, from when they both shared a room together in our home before this one, so I really didn’t need to buy much. Also, when it comes to Avery’s room, she’s still very much into toys, unlike Melia. So you will see her everyday toys still placed in her room.

After brainstorming and talking with Avery on what she actually wanted in her room, we came up with the idea of having some 3D butterflies around her room. I found these beautiful gold 3D butterflies on Amazon, and seriously love them….

However, I felt like something was missing in her room. So that’s when I decided to do a fun and girly… yet simple accent wall.

When it came to this beautiful accent wall, I came across Tasha’s IG (@ourdailytribe) and seen that she did a sponge wall in her son’s nursery.. and I fell absolutely in love with it. I have a whole tutorial here on how I did Avery’s sponge wall.

As I mentioned above, Avery is still very much into all her toys and has many of them. So when it came to the space in her room, we really don’t have much room to work with. We do have a loft, but didn’t want to use the loft as storage for her toys since we don’t have built ins or an entertainment center in there yet to even store anything. So, for now we have these storage containers from Ikea placed in her closet and have also used larger storage containers from Target to hold a lot of her bigger toys and stuffed animals. We do plan on getting a better storage system (possibly getting a 8 cube shelf.. just like in Melia’s room), but we will save that for another DIY project.

When it came to Avery’s dresser, we purchased this Malm dresser at IKEA and spruced it up a bit by adding these beautiful brass hardware that I got from Amazon. I also have a tutorial here on how to install hardware with no problem.

NOW… when it comes to the back of this door… talk about holly anxiety! Avery is obviously obsessed with purses and backpacks, and honestly I didn’t want to store all her purses/backpacks in a storage bin or even her closet because EVERY SINGLE ONE of these will be filled with toys! So that wouldn’t work, and the only next to best thing was hanging them behind her door. My goal is that when I’m ready to work on Avery’s closet, I can have a better organizing system for her purses.

This entire wall is one of my favorites. It has many special pieces to me, all from Avery’s drawings, pictures, and art projects that she created for school!

Whenever Avery does special drawings, I love to keep them and hang them in this area. I got this ‘look what I made’ sign a very long time ago at Target, and they no longer sell it, but I have found something similar here.

These storage shelves were gifted to the girls for Christmas a few years ago, but here are similar house cubby shelves, which brings such a great element to the room!

I absolutely love this flower arrangement and vase that I bought from Ikea. It’s so Avery!

When it came to Avery’s desk, I bought this desk for her 2 Christmas’s ago, and pretty much turned it into her vanity. Of course to spruce it up a bit, I added these glam hardware pieces to the vanity that just elevated the desk! And, the faux chair is from Home Goods! I don’t have a link to the one I bought but here is something similar from Amazon.

So, in this area I wanted to get floating shelves in her room that she can show off her Lego pieces that she creates. She is obsessed with Legos and hates when the pieces she works so hard at building gets destroyed. So, we love how she can now display them on these shelves.

And, to compliment the shelves, I added these flower wall decor frames that I got from Target. It goes perfectly with the butterfly theme that we got going on. And for the middle picture frame, my sister gifted Avery this frame.

The curtains that I got from Target go beautifully with Avery’s room, the only thing about them is that it is sheer. So if you are looking for something that keeps all the light out, like a room darkening or blackout… this is not it. Other than that we love it and she doesn’t mind the light coming in.

For Avery’s bed (just like Melia’s) she currently has a twin size bed. The reason why she has such a small bed is because before when we lived in our townhome and before we even went into contract in our home the girls were sharing a bedroom and sharing a bed together. As the girls where getting older, we needed new beds for them and the only thing that could fit in their shared room was 2 twin beds. So since these beds are fairly new (less than 2 years old), we have just decided to use them for now. Avery is still small enough, that she fits the bed perfectly, as far as Melia… she is pushing it. So we’ll definitely have to get her a new bed soon!

As far as her headboard, I found this headboard on Amazon and loved the simple look it gives. It was actually for Melia’s room, but it pulled off a sheer pink and didn’t work in Melia’s room. But definitely fit perfectly in Ave’s room.

To compliment the bed, I had these pillows that I bought years back for Melia’s Barbie birthday and never used them, and new it would go perfectly in her room. Unfortunately, they no longer sell the white flower pillow, but here is something similar, and here is the faux fur pillow.

Something that Ave loves is pictures. She always wants to display all the pictures in her room. So, I found this beautiful bulletin board with gold lining that we placed some of her pictures in. Also the string lights that I purchased at Home Goods below the bulletin board has little clips that we can add pictures to as well. Here is something similar on Amazon.

Just like Melia’s room, Avery wanted to add a dream catcher above her bed. I found this dream catcher on Amazon and love it! The sign above the catcher is gifted from my cousin and I believe she got it at Ross.

This jewelry box was purchased years ago for when my sister and I had a party styling business and since we no longer are doing that, it’s been given to Avery for her to use.

Another thing that we bought when we had a business and never used, was this vintage wall shelf. I think I may re-paint this white or maybe a neutral color, but I love it. We added some of her DVD movies and even some books, but I also love how it has little hooks are the bottom to hold her robe.



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