April Beauty FAVES

I’m so excited to share with you this month’s beauty FAVES because I’m sharing with you all 2 of my FAVORITE eyeshadow pallets, that I use almost everyday!

First, lets talk about my TOP favorite eyeshadow pallet, and it’s made by one of my favorite beauty brands…Morphe! This 35O Palette is my top palette that I use almost every time when doing my makeup! I’m all about bronze, neutrals, oranges, warms, and browns… and this palette gives you that and more! The shadows are so good, so pigmented, and they blend so smoothly! It’s also a great palette going from a day to night look! Seriously LOVE it! Also, you CAN’T BEAT THE PRICE! $24.00 bucks for 35 amazing eyeshadows! YES PLEASE!

My next NEW FAVORITE, are these Ardell magnetic lashes that I talked about earlier this month. They are just do easy to pop on for a more every day look. They don’t do harm or pull out your real lashes, like adhesive lashes do. You can read more of my review and a step by step process of how I apply them here.

Another product that I’ve been loving and so happy I found is this OGX dry shampoo. For years I’ve been using Batiste, but I FINALLY found something better than Batiste. It’s amazing and takes + keeps oil out of my hair all day! I tested + reviewed several of dry shampoos last month, and you bet this one came in first place!

As far as my favorite top bronzer, it’s hands down this Milani Bakes Bronzer! First off it’s less than $10, and seriously just give the perfect EVERYDAY bronzed look! Now, I own several of bronzer, but you know me, most days I wear light makeup. So, I tend to almost always pick up my Milani baked bronzer for my everyday look. It does have a gold shimmer to the bronzer, but I promise you barely see the gold shimmer on your skin.

Another newly favorite palette that I’m loving is my Tartelette Clay Matte eyeshadow pallet. Can we first talk about how scrumptious this palette smells! AHH-MAZZ-ING! But other than the smell… the pigment on the palette is UNBELIEVABLE! Just a small tap into the eyeshadow and your brush picks up so much product, and its applies so creamy and smooth! I love it! Again, I love all the warm + cool tones this product has!

I would have to say, my favorite non drug store mascara would hands down be the It Cosmetics Mascara. I don’t know what they put in these little bottles, but they are seriously the best! They give my lashes so much volume and length it’s crazy! It is more on the pricey side for mascara, but so worth it!

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