2018 Recap + Accomplishments

Happy NYE friends!! We are hours away from 2019, and with so many exciting things that are coming in 2019, I must say this year really has been a blessing.

I have accomplished many things in 2018 and have not so much accomplished things, but let me just say this ride that I’m on in my career has been a joyful ride!

1 of many things I’ve accomplished, is the knowledge in learning how to build a website and blog. Definitely, not easy as it plays out to be, that’s for sure! I’m definitely far from where I would like to be with my site, but for right now, I love it. It’s simple, and easy to navigate.

Another accomplishment, are the relationships I’ve build within the blogging community. I’ve been very blessed to be able to work with a few companies, and had my very first sponsorship this year, which I was NOT expecting at all. Huge accomplishment for me. But, nonetheless, the friendships that I’ve built, are far more important and mean so much more!

My second to last accomplishment this year, is being able to be home with my babies. Even though I’m years late on staying at home, having the privilege to be able to work on my dream career FULL TIME, all while staying at home, has truly been a blessing. Let’s just say, my husband is the best, and the best supporter!!

My FINAL accomplishment for 2018, is getting my health in order….. FINALLY! All I can say is that you have to be MENTALLY prepared to start, and when you are, NOTHING WILL STOP YOU! After losing 40 pounds in 3 months, my motivation and love for Keto is inseparable! HAHA. Not because I lost weight so quickly, but because I’m getting my life back, all while eating healthier and LOVING the food!!!! I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me.

While, I had many accomplishments in 2018, we also had many adventures and things that happened….

Beginning Life As A Mosley, which is now known as A Simple Piece Of Me….

I can’t believe tomorrow will be my 1 month blogiversary! Crazy to think I’ve been on this ride for 1 year now, and it’s the BEST decision I’ve made this far!

A visit to my brother, which led to a surprise visit to Minneapolis. 

There is nothing like starting your year off right with a vacation! Am I right? However, when deciding to go on vacation, you think tropical, nice weather, sun rays, and all! Hahaha. At least that’s how I envisioned it. I am totally kidding. My family and I decided to go visit my brother and his little family in Illinois.

We stayed at his house for a couple days, and then decided to stay in Chicago for a day. However, the weather in Bloomington and in Chicago didn’t help that it was always below 0! When you have that type of weather, and 2 kids that are from Las Vegas, NV (the hot ass desert) they DO NOT agree with that type of weather. I will say it was a bit torture!

Just when we thought we were heading back to Las Vegas, my husband surprised all of us and decided to extend our vacation and take us to Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit the Mall of America!

First annual Snow Trip, turned bad! 

After arriving back from our Illinois and Minnesota vacation, we went on our first annual snow trip to Brian Head, Utah with the whole family! Unfortunately, things turned for the worst for me and I slipped and fall, which resulted in me fracturing my ankle. It was torture watching the whole family have loads of fun sledding, snowboarding, tubbing and all; while I stayed in the condo in pain. But, I am prepared for our snow trip this year, and wearing spikes on the bottom of my shoes. You think I’m kidding! HAHA…

Unexpected trip to Arizona

Just when you think you’ve said goodbye or wanted to visit a loved one before it’s too late; it becomes too late. Robert’s (my husband) grandmother passed away. We went to Tucson Arizona for a few days to attend her funeral and spend time with Robert’s side of the family.

You’re getting braces! WHAT???

When it came time for the kids Spring Break, we decided to go to California for a couple of days, and ended up taking the girls to see my aunt (who is a dentist) to get their teeth cleaned and checked. Well, low and behold, is when it was my turn and my aunt decided to out of the blue put braces on me. It was completely unexpected, and I was definitely not mentally prepared for it. You can see my monthly brace updates on my months end round ups.

SoCal Vacation

As you can tell, we love visiting California for little vacations. It’s only a 4-5 hour drive and there is just so much to do and see there. This time, we wanted to do something a little different. We wanted to check out beaches we’ve never been to before, and we wanted to try new restaurants that were popular and recommended by many.

I will have to say, this was one of the best and most relaxing vacation I’ve ever had! We had no plans the whole week, and just took it 1 day at a time. We had amazing food the entire week, and the most incredible customer service we’ve ever got before! Definitely, a vacation we’ll never forget!

4th of July Beach house

Every 4th of July, we always come to San Diego, where my Uncle rents our a ocean front beach house and we stay for a couple days. The kids sure do have a blast, and there is just lots of family time, partying, blasting music, eating lots of food, swimming, and just having a good ol time!

Illinois- Take 2

My little niece was born in June, and the entire family and I decided to take a visit back up to Bloomington, Illinois again to visit my brother. This time the weather was absolutely perfect!

After spending a couple days in their town, we spent a few days in Chicago, Illinois to explore (since we couldn’t last time because of the weather). Such an amazing time we had. I can’t wait to come back again and explore even more.

4th Annual Camping Trip

Before school starts, we always go on our annual camping trip to Navajo Lake, Utah. It’s gorgeous up here. It’s nice being outside with nature and no reception for a few days, and just explore or relax. However, you take it.

The month where my health changed! 

September, will always be a month I cherish. Because it’s the month where I FINALLY decided to make a change. I jumped on bored with doing the keto lifestyle and I’ve not regretted it since!

Holiday Season

November and December are my most favorite months of all. These 2 months are when we as a family do many family traditions together, have my family gatherings, listen to Christmas music, bake lots of goodies, and most importantly make precious memories.

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