4th Of July Vacation- San Diego Beach House

4th of July week is a vacation we ALWAYS look forward too. A week spent in San Diego, California. A week spent with family. A week spent with lots of food, drinks, and laughter. A week that we all look forward too.


As many of you know, every 4th of July week, we always take a vacation down to Mission/Pacific Beach. My amazing Uncle rents a huge ocean front beach house for the family, which is where the hangout is. This year, we decided not to stay at the beach house, and decided to rent a beach rental about 10 minutes away from the main party house, with both of my sisters and their family. Lets just say, it was definitely nice to have our own little place that we could go back to whenever we wanted and not feel crowded.

I’m sure most of you seen my many little IG videos of my Uncle’s beach rental, but for those that haven’t here are some little snippets of our vacation.

This vacation is one of my favorites because it’s very chill, very relaxing, and just FUN! We don’t have a plan. We don’t have an itinerary. We don’t need to leave the area (besides doing grocery runs). It’s just a vacation to really escape our city and relax, all while having fun!

Our days where waking up early in the morning, walking to the beach house, making a fresh cup of coffee, having breakfast and just hanging out, listening to music, eating some more, drinking some wine/liquor/wine coolers, people watching, swimming, and then sleeping. LOL

The PERFECT Proposal…

Weeks before vacation, my cousin brought his proposal idea to my niece, aunts, cousins, and I and asked us to plan everything out for him. He new he wanted the most important women in his life to be involved, and new he wanted it to be done on the beach on 4th of July.

My niece, sister, and I came up with the idea to do it right before sunset, have the women he choose to be holding 1 ballon each spelling our “WILL YOU MARRY ME”, standing right behind him, and him standing in the middle of the heart thats filled with rose petals.


As we started vacation, we snuck away to prepare everything for the proposal. Luckily the grocery store right down the street from the beach house, helped us in making all this happen. We were kind of worried because of the helium shortage; that we might not be able to get all of the balloons blown. Luckily, they heard about the proposal plans, and instantly helped us!

Day of the proposal…

Hours before the proposal, we all started getting ready… doing our makeup, hair, etc. We asked Nikki (my cousin’s now fiancé) if she wanted her hair and makeup done too. We tried to make it not as obvious, knowing that later that day, something special was about to happen.

Then about an hour before the proposal was to take place, we had Nicki’s close friends (who new all about the proposal and what was happening), took her out to the bar to get a drink. Her poor friends were waiting probably about 2 hours or so while she was getting her makeup done, but luckily they were very patient with us all.

As soon as her friends took her out, we gathered everyone together, and all worked together to get everything ready.

We cleared the beach area where are chairs and canopy was, started working on the heart, and did a practice run of how everyone was going to hold up their ballon.

The “plan”…

So what we had in mind was, as Nicki was coming from inside the beach house, walking across the boardwalk their special song (La Calma) was going to start playing and each lady starting with “W” was going to hold up their ballon, spelling “WILL YOU MARRY ME”… WELL, we all know most plans don’t always happen right? So, the main person that was in charge of this proposal (my niece), as we wanted to do our final practice before we arrived, her balloon detached from the string, and just flew…. flew into the perfectly blue windy sky! Now, mind you, because this was a proposal… EVERYONE from the other beach houses and boardwalk was watching.

So after painfully watching the ballon fly away, we gathered our next idea… plan 2.

It was still very important for my cousin to have all the women involved.. so we then changed it from “WILL YOU MARRY ME” to just “WILL YOU MARRY” and then with my cousin still standing in the middle of the heart. OK OK… so another rehearsal….. and then… as MY MOM is holding up her letter “O”… all of a sudden you start seeing it deflat! WTHHHH…. STRIKE 2!

As you can imagine, everyone is becoming very tensed at this point, especially my cousin. All the emotions on his face, that nothing was working out. It was until a guy from the beach house next to us, ran down up to my cousin and said “Bro, just do marry me. She’ll love it. We are all there watching. Just do marry me”. My cousin thanked him and he chose to just do “MARRY ME”. Mind you, others have suggested when the 1st plan didn’t work just to do “marry me”, but it was important to him to have the women of his family, be involved. Which is why we did plan 2, until that didn’t work.

All said and done…

After all said and done.. we didn’t do another rehearsal, because we all knew that this was our very last chance for all of this to work out. As Nicki walked to the boardwalk, she had no idea at first what was going on. She seen one of the ballon that we were no longer using, flew away, and then as she looked towards the beach, she seen my cousins standing there, and right behind him it saying…. MARRY ME

She ran on the beach towards him, and on one knee he proposed to her. It was beautiful. I honestly cried like a baby. The timing was absolutely perfect, and I captured the most beautiful pictures ever!!!! So, if you’re reading this congratulations to Mike & Nicki! Love you guys!



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