5 Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence

Self confidence plays a BIG role in every person. Do you have self confidence in yourself? Do you love yourself and the body you’re in or are you always focused on your flaws + what you don’t like?

My whole life I’ve always excepted + loved my flaws, which led into me having great self confidence in myself, no matter at my lowest weight or at my heaviest. It seriously saddens me, when I talk to many of my female… even male friends and they talked about how much they hate their body. They want to change this… want to change that. Can’t look at themselves in the mirrors. Can’t take a shower with the light on. Hide from their significant other… it just goes on and on and on. For someone to hate their body and how they look, truly makes me want to help others in boosting not only themselves, but their self confidence as well.

My parent’s where one to never sit down and have a conversation with me about my self confidence. In fact, they were probably the opposite and always telling me not to eat too much (hahaha), so I honestly can’t say I was always brought up that way. It’s just something I learned within. I didn’t want to hate myself or how I looked because of my weight + things changing within my body. But I do practice a few ways (down below) to boost up my confidence, even on days where they aren’t so high. I’m not saying I wake up every morning full of sunshine and loving every inch of my body… I do have my moments, but I DO NOT hate the way I look or anything! I love my body + always remind myself of that.

Below are a few ways to boost up your self confidence, and if you are one that struggles with not having confidence + loving your body, then I hope you practice these ways + I hope it works for you! Because I know, you would rather have confidence in yourself and flaws, then dwelling on them.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give when boosting your self confidence is to smile more! Smiling not only makes you feel good, but it changes your whole mood. If you wake up angry then most likely your day will be not so good and you will most likely focus on ANYTHING negative. Try smiling more. I can almost guarantee you that just by smiling more, it will boost up your confidence.

When you look at the mirror instead of saying “omg I’m so fat” “omg I look ugly” “I hate my nose” “I hate my legs” etc., try either complimenting yourself… and if you don’t want to compliment yourself… then simply don’t say anything at all. By telling yourself you hate this.. you hate that.. you are just reminding yourself of how much you truly do hate your body. You are feeding yourself with negativity. YOU DON’T WANT THAT! The last thing you want, is to feed yourself with negativity…believe me! Remember POSITIVITY!

If you are out and about, STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT OTHERS WILL THINK ABOUT YOU. Yes, there are bullies out there. Yes, people are rude. But, why are you trying to impress those bullies or worried about what they might think! You’re not. So stop worrying about it. Go in public with… 1. positivity 2. a smile 3. like you run the world! Let’s face it, there will always be people in this world that will always be negative, but rather than worry about what others will think, pretend like no one is watching… and do your thing! Strut your legs.. show your arms… where that dress that you absolutely love but never wore it because you “think” you’re too big. 

My next piece of advice, is wear clothes that are comfortable for you and your body. But when you have that piece of clothing that you love + are comfortable with on… run with it + work it! Stop trying to hide or cover up. By you trying to hide, you are still insecure with yourself. Own it. Love it. Flaunt your look!

My last piece of advice is to replace “I must”, “I should”, “I will”, and “I have to” with I choose! By you changing your verbiage, you are wanting to make those changes. YOU are choosing to make those choices. Not because society is telling you too, or those bullies, or the celebrities. It’s because you want to make the change, and you will do it FOR YOURSELF

So, I help those 5 steps help in boosting your self confidence. Stop living in fear and live for yourself. Stop living behind a brick wall because you are scared or what others will think. You won’t be able to please everyone, so why try. All that’s doing is stopping you live your life….


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