2018 Winter Bucket List

There are so many things we love doing in the Winter (even though it’s freezing outside) that we look forward too doing every year!

Here are my TOP 25 bucket list ideas to do this Winter that you can join in too!


  1. Drink Hot Chocolate | There is nothing like sipping on a nice cup of hot coco while watching a movie. You can also add yummy toppings like whipped cream, peppermint candy sticks, chocolate chips, etc. The toppings can be endless!

  2. Watch Christmas movies | I love watching Christmas movies during the month of December. Definitely gets me in the festive mood. All time favorite Christmas movie: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  3. Make Homemade Soup | I love love love making homemade soup. There is nothing like having a bowl of hot soup on a cold Winter day.

  4. Movie Marathon In PJS All Day | Ahhhh yes. This is what I’m talking about. I’m all about staying home for a day, in my pjs, and watching movies all day.

  5. Make Fudge Or Peppermint Bark | Fudge can be tricky to make, but there are SOO many fudge recipes now a days, that makes making fudge so easy!

  6. Go To A Hockey//Football Game | Another fun idea to do, if you have it near you! I know when it becomes Winter that means we becomes snowbirds and mostly stay inside our warm homes, but every now and then it’s nice to get out and doing something.

  7. Roast Chestnuts//Marshmallows | Chestnuts roasting on an open fire….. HAHA who doesn’t love roasting chestnuts? And, if you haven’t roasted chestnuts before than roast marshmallows!

  8. Adopt A Family To Give Gifts To | Something new that we are doing this year, which I’m so excited for. This year all the family and I decided that we are going to adopt a family who can’t afford a Christmas, and provide their Christmas for them. We are very blessed to be able to have the things we have, and it’s only fair to be able to bless a family to make their Christmas a little less stressful.

  9. Volunteer At A Homeless Shelter | Shelters definitely need all the help they can get, especially during the Winter season when it’s freezing out. Do your share and volunteer for a couple of hours.

  10. Go To A Winter//Holiday Party | There are Christmas, Holiday, and New Years parties everywhere. Get out and have a good time!

  11. Make DIY Snow-globes | Such a fun craft to do with your kids. You can be so creative with it too.

  12. Skiing//Snowboarding//Sledding | Another must that we do every Winter. We book a cabin and stay the weekend at the mountains to go snowboarding and sledding. It’s always such a great time! Can’t wait until next month for our trip!

  13. Look At All The Christmas Lights In Town | This is an absolute must for my family. We first grab a hot coco from the convenient store then drive all around town to see all the best decorating homes!

  14. Snow Day | Take a family trip and go to the mountains. Have fun in the snow. Laugh, stay cold, make memories.

  15. Random Act Of Kindness | Doing a random act of kindness, will not only make you feel good, but make another person feel good as well. Whether it be buying someones Starbucks, food, etc.

  16. Cook A New Recipe | I love trying new recipes during the Winter.

  17. Build A Puzzle | Family night building a puzzle? Yes, please.

  18. Make Rice Krispie Treats |Ok, who doesn’t love making Rice Krispie treats? I’m making a Reese’s Cup Rice Krispie Treat this Christmas, and we cannot wait. Looks delicious!

  19. Ice Skating | What’s more fun then ice skating at an actual ice skating rink!

  20. Take Family Pictures | Winter Christmas pictures are the best! It’s a nice way to take yearly pictures and have as a keepsake.

  21. Donate A Gift | Something I do every December before Christmas is donate toys. I have Melia and Avery pick out toys that they will think other kids will like and take it do a donation place (that I know will go to a good family). It’s a great learning experience for the girls, and teaches them that it’s always good to give.

  22. See A Play//Musical | If you are looking to have a night out, but know it’s way too cold to do anything; going to a play or musical is always a nice way to get out!

  23. Go On A Santa Train | Ever since my kids were babies we’ve always took them on the Santa Train. The girls love when we go and look forward to seeing and taking a picture with Santa on the train.

  24. Bake Cookies | You can’t skip baking cookies during the Winter season! Chocolate chip cookies are a must!

  25. Pictures With Santa | Yes, the lines are long when it comes to Santa Pictures, but it’s a must while your kids believe.

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