The BEST Brush Shampoo For Less Than $6 Bucks!

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? I’m going to be honest with you, I SHOULD be cleaning them once a week, but the truth is that I do it once a month! OOPS..

Before, I found this incredible and affordable brush cleaning product, I was using BareMinerals Brush Conditioning Shampoo, which I would purchase at Ulta for around $14 bucks. But then I discovered Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo for more than half the cost and I personally find that it works SOO MUCH BETTER, than the BareMinerals one does.

I happen to come across this cleansing shampoo while I was late night shopping on and seen that this product has so many reviews and it was almost 5 stars. After reading many positive reviews, I ordered it.

Since I have prime, it came within 2 days. Of course, I wanted to use it right away to test it out… and so I did. Along with ordering this Ecotools Cleansing Shampoo, I also ordered this silicon makeup brush cleansing pad, and in case you don’t want to order it off of Amazon, you can purchase this product at your local Target store or here. The one I used before, was extremely small and you would have to wear it… kind of like a glove, but supper small!

Alright so the moment of truth…. I applied a little of the cleansing shampoo onto the silicon pad, damped one of my makeup brush in water, and then started swishing the makeup brush onto the silicon pad with shampoo on it, and you can immediately see all of the makeup coming off. It worked like a charm!

But, the ultimate test was going to be on my main foundation brush. This brush seriously needs to be retired because 1. I’ve had this brush for a few years not (but is seriously MY FAVORITE foundation brush) 2. there is so much foundation build up sitting deep inside the brush, it’s ridiculous! But, whenever I would use the BareMinerals cleansing shampoo, it would NEVER get all of the build up out.

Then Ecotools was discovered, and low and behold this cleansing shampoo got deep down inside of the brush and removed mostly all of the makeup out of it! Can you believe it! I feel like I have a brand new foundation brush now!

So, for less than $6 bucks, I HIGHLY recommend this product! It works amazing, has a good smell, and is sooo affordable!


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