MACE | Littles’ Skin Helper Balm Review

Ever since my oldest daughter, Melia, was born, she has dealt with eczema. Thankfully, she doesn’t have a severe condition, but I do have to watch what type of lotions and body soap I put on her because of it. When she does break out with a rash, she primarily breaks out on her back and chest, and it will become very itchy for her and uncomfortable.

But, ever since trying Mace Organic Littles’ Skin Helper Balm, she has not had a breakout since! We call it our miracle!

When I received this product, I’m not going to lie, I was a bit hesitant because I know how sensitive her body gets. However, I seen that this product is made with all organic products, that I couldn’t see why it would do harm to her skin.

I actually got this product just in time because a few days later, she started breaking out with a rash on her forehead. Luckily I caught it just in time before it broke out even worse, and decided to apply the Mace Organic Littles’ Skin Helper on it. Let me just tell you the very next day it was COMPLETELY GONE!!!

Unlike other creams that I’ve used when she breaks out with an eczema rash, I would normally  have to apply a very thick layer of cream on top of the rash, but when applying the Littles’ Skin Helper balm onto her forehead, that was not the case. I applied a thin layer just covering where the rash was at.

Ever since then I apply a very thin layer of the balm onto her skin where she normally breaks out at, every night after her shower, and I am very pleased to say she HAS NOT broke out with another rash ever since then!

I am so happy that there is a product that is ALL ORGANIC and safe for Melia to use from here on out! I’ve also used this on Avery since she has dry skin on her knees and legs and it gives her legs so much moisture!

If you guys are looking for an amazing all organic + baby safe product to use, I HIGHLY recommend this product out! I know we will definitely be using this from here on out! 

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