January Round Up

It’s the first month of the New Year, which means a lot of us are working on our new goals, trying to eat healthier, going back to the gym, etc….

I honestly, had a rough time getting back to eating healthy this month. I’m not sure if it was because we were going on our snow trip within a couple of weeks from the New Year starting or what, but man I struggled.

However, I am taking it day by day and continuing to work on my goals everyday.

This month, was honestly laid back month for us. I know I probably said that about the last couple of months, but we really didn’t do too much this month. A lot of this month has been staying at home because my kids and I were dealing with the flu and coughing for what seemed like FOREVER!!!

But there were a few things that we did….



Brace Update

Ok guys, I’m at the end of braces, and I cannot tell you how happy I am. My aunt told me that my teeth are progressing so good, that I should be getting my braces off hopefully next month or the month after. YAY!!! Almost a year of traveling back and fourth from Vegas to California, you can say I’m tired of driving back and forth. Plus, these braces are annoying! HEHE. I know I talk all this smack now, but will be super thankful I had it later!

So, the last phase that I’m in are my bottom braces have extra bands on them to close any gaps that I may have. Crossing my fingers, that I will get these bad boys off next month!!!

After our appointment, we decided to do a little exploring before heading to our hotel. My aunt and I decide to check out Chinatown in Downtown LA, but ended up arriving right when they were starting to close. So, we ended up going to Thai Town and had dinner at a delicious Thai restaurant called, Sanamluang Cafe. They seriously had good food there! After, we visited LACMA Urban Light and of course I had to get a few good shots in. I can’t wait to retune during daylight hours to take a bit more pictures there.


Brian Head, Utah


After our California trip, it was time for our annual snow trip with all of the family in Brian Head, Utah. To sum up our trip, we had a blast. Melia tried skiing for the first time, and went up a huge mountain, and Avery and I went snow tubing. We rented a 4 story home with beautiful views of the mountains and ski area. The views were definitely picture worthy!


My husband and I had a breakfast date at Truffled and Bacon. I love this place and their french toast! I got their Ube Stuffed French Toast with a side of Sinful Tots and my husband got the Beast burger, which was a beast all right!



First Reconcilitation

Melia had her first reconciliation this month, which is something she must go through before her Holy Communion. After her sacarament (confessing any sins), we went out for lunch to celebrate this step.


First Swim Class Lessons


The girls started swim class this month, which they were so excited for. Now, they already do now how to swim, but we wanted them to learn the proper technique with swimming. My oldest is also testing is out because she may want to join a swim team.


Well, that’s a wrap for January. These next couple of months will forsake start picking up with so many birthdays and events coming up.

Hope you all had a great start to the New Year! XOXO

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