Get To Know My Husband…

In honor of Father’s Day, I wanted to write a special blog on one of the greatest people I know, my husband!!

For those who don’t know him, his name is Robert. He’s really a great, genuine, smart, and funny guy! He’s my greatest supporter in life and definitely my rock. He is the greatest dad to Melia and Avery, which are both big time daddy girls!! He goes above and beyond to give our family the best life possible, which we are always thankful for. So without further due here are 10 facts about my husband!

  1. Robert hates almost all vegetables!
  2. He loves being outdoors, just like me
  3. He’s a chocoholic! Loves everything chocolate!
  4. He doesn’t properly digest food. Which means when he eats certain foods like bread, beef, cheese, etc., he can’t lay down right away. He needs about 3-4 hours of sitting up to do, before he can even attempt to lay down, otherwise, he will get sick. I know it sucks!
  5. He wears socks ALL THE TIME! The only time he doesn’t is when he’s at the pool or going swimming.
  6. He’s never had braces and has a perfect straight smile (JEALOUS)
  7. He wants a motorcycle, but I won’t let him because it’s dangerous (especially in Las Vegas) and he drives crazy!
  8. He has bad luck with cell phone cameras (they always break)
  9. He has some type of rare skin condition that is inherited in his mom’s side of the family. The skin on his hands and feet are VERY thick. When I mean thick I mean! He can literally cut it open and will not feel it. His fingerprints are always changing, which is kind of cool.
  10. His favorite food is anything with BBQ sauce… it even got to a point where he would eat bbq sauce straight out of the bottle!!!

Well, now that you some facts about my husband what are some interesting facts about yours?

If you are a dad reading this, Happy Father’s Day to you! Otherwise Happy Father’s Day to your husband/partner!

And, to my husband who may be reading this, I love you. Thank you for being you and for giving me the 2 best gifts on earth, our children! Love You!

All with love,


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