Brianhead, Utah- 2nd Annual Snow Trip

Brian Head we meet again. It’s time for our 2nd annual snow trip, and we decided to go back to Brian Head, Utah again since it’s not that far away from Las Vegas, and since we all had such a good time last year.

Day 1

Before we checked into our rental home, we decided to stop at Crack Barrel in St. George, Utah to have breakfast. This spot has seriously become out pit stop to have breakfast before heading to our destination whenever we’re in Utah.

We arrived just in enough time for us to check-in, and of course we immediately had to take a tour of the house. Watch our VLOG on our trip & the house tour here.


This time, we decided to get a bigger home for all of us since last year our condo was a bit tight for everyone to stay in. We rented a HUGE 4 story home, that had amazing views of the mountains and ski area. It definitely, was an amazing view to look at, that’s for sure.

You know the kids were ecstatic and of course immediately hopped into the jacuzzi. Of course, they pretty much stayed in the jacuzzi the whole trip! And, don’t worry the water was not hot at all. It was actually warm and perfect temperature!

Later that night, the guys decided to order the big boxing fight (Manny Pacaiou VS Broner). Well, one to many drinks later, the guys all fell asleep (except my husband), so it ended up being just the girls who watched the fight. But nonetheless, we love routing for Manny, and were so happy that he won! GO MANNY!

Day 2

We got a little late start heading out to the snow, because the morning views were just stunning and taking pictures was much more important, haha I’m totatlly kidding. We cooked a good breakfast for all the fam and then had to get everyone ready and bundled up.

My oldest, Melia, went skiing for the first time, and loved it. She normally goes snowboarding, but decided to try skiing this year, and glad she did. Can you believe she even went up on the big mountain!?!?! SO crazy!

I decided not to snowboard/ski this year because I feel like i’m still fragile from fracturing my ankle on last year’s snow trip! So, I went snow-tubing with my youngest, Avery. It was so much fun. Definitely scary the first time coming down the big hill, but such a fun thrill!

Later that night, we were honestly all so exhausted from all the fun we had during the day that we all just took it easy and hung out. We had a nice BBQ dinner and ended up all going to bed early.

Day 3

This was our last day and suppose to be checking out at 11am, but there was a HUGE winter storm that arrived around 3am, and they were expecting about 2-3 feet of snow! Since we didn’t want to get stuck there, and the winds started picking up really bad, we decided to have a super early breakfast and leave before the storm got really bad!

It definitely was a scary drive down the mountain, that’s for sure. What normally takes about 10-15 minutes to get down the mountain, took 1 hour! Thankfully we made it home safely.

Our little trip to start off the year was such a blast. We love spending time with each other and always have such a great time. I think our next snow trip we be in Mammoth, CA. If any of you been to Mammoth, definitely let me know down in the comment below. I would love to hear your experience.

Watch our full trip here! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for future videos! XOXO

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