2018 Summer RECAP

Alright I’m sure you all know but for those who don’t know…. tomorrow is FALL (jumping for joy)!!! My favorite season of all time! Hello cooler weather, holiday smells, and family gatherings!

Aside from fall now being here, I am sad that summer has gone. This summer definitely has been a lot of fun and one that I will never forget. This was the very first summer that I got to spend each and every day with my girls. I have to say being a stay at home mom has it’s perks… BUT also can drive you crazy! Let’s just say, I was happy when school was starting. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids but man o man did they require A LOT of attention and needs. *KUDOS TO ALL YOU TEACHERS OUT THERE*.

So, to say goodbye to summer, I thought it would be perfect to do a little summer recap of all of our favorite adventures this 2018 summer…..

We started off the summer with celebrating my husband’s 32nd birthday. The day started with taking him to his favorite type of food… BBQ. The night ended with me throwing him a surprise birthday dinner at one of our favorite restaurant.. Bahama Breeze.






Our next adventure was our California vacation to celebrate our wedding anniversary and my 30th birthday. This vacation was the best California vacation we ever took. We wanted to explore different beaches, try different restaurants, and we did just that! Talk about relaxation, new beaches, the most delicious foods, and new places we got to explore. I loved everything about this trip, and I can’t wait to do it again!





Shorty after coming back from our California trip, it was my 30th birthday! I had a wonderful lunch with my best friend, and later that night my husband and family all went to have dinner at Hokkaido. Love going here!





We ended off the month by going to the river, which was also part of celebrating my birthday. I’m a lake/river type of gal… I will always choose the water over a party!




Fourth of July week… a week filled with fun, drinking, staying up late, swimming, tanning, eating,  pranking, and just all around having a good time.



Such a beach babe...



Now, I’m not a concert goer… in fact I’ve only been to a few concerts in my lifetime… however, Pentatonix was one that I’ve been wanting to go to FOREVER! I was able to get my hands on a pair of tickets for a VERY good price, but the only exception.. it was in California. So, my husband and I did a quick trip to California (the day before we were leaving to Chicago) and had to come back home to Vegas after the concert ended. It was totally worth pulling an all nighter and the concert was awesome! I can’t wait to go to another concert of theirs.



Our BIG vacation of the summer…. Illinois. Some of my family and I all flew to Illinois to spend a week there. My brother and his GF expanded their family and just had another baby girl in June. We spent a couple days in their little town, Bloomington and spent much quality time with him and his family. We also ventured off to their Farmer’s Market, which we all LOVED!



Since we were in Illinois, we wanted to experience Chicago again… especially since it wasn’t cold, and we loved it! We honestly spent MOST of our time in Chicago exploring the Millennium Park and Grant Park. There is so much art there and things to do. I love Chicago. I call this city a ‘mini’ version of NYC. I look forward to coming back here and exploring more of the city and actually doing a river cruise and going on top of the Ellis Tower.







Also another FIRST for all of us, was my nephew’s birthday party. Slumber party at an indoor trampoline place?!?! Who wouldn’t love that! It was such a fun experience!!




Because our family is VERY adventurous and spontaneous…. that following morning (after my nephew’s slumber party ended) we all went straight to Utah for our annual summer camping trip. This year the camping trip was perfect. The best year yet! I couldn’t have asked for better weather, as we normally get rained on.




One of my favorite memories of the summer was going to watch the Peter Pan play at Spring Mountain Ranch Park. It was a day that my kids, husband, and I will NEVER forget. We all had such a great time. The play was amazing, and so was our picnic. It was a PERFECT day! I can’t wait to start doing this every summer with my family.




Another highlight of our summer was attending my niece’s 18th birthday (debut). The venue was stunning, and she was absolutely gorgeous. It was such a great night celebrating her life. I was also honored being part of her 18 candles.





Spending time with all of my family has to be one of my favorite things to do, and I’m sure many of you know or can see that I’m always with them. The BEST part, is that we always get along. Typically there are no fights… just a lot of laughter.

During Labor Day weekend we spent the day at Spring Mountain Ranch Park where the kids enjoyed playing in the grass field, and petting Penelope the cow.

Having date nights with my husband is really important to us. To be able to have these special days where it’s just him and I, makes us stronger… it makes us reconnect with one another.

We went see the Cirque Du Soleil show (KA) at the MGM Hotel & Casino and it was SOOO GOOD! We loved it! After the show ended we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurant (which to do this day there has been no food item that we have tried on their menu that did not disappoint) Bahama Breeze.

We of course end our summer with what we did a lot during this summer and that was… WET ‘N’ WILD. We are season pass holders, so we come here a lot and not to mention, we live down the street from it. Even though it’s not as big as the old Wet N Wild once was, it give us something to do during the HOT summer months. So we can’t complain.


Well SUMMER of 2018, you’ve been good to us, but it’s time to say goodbye and say HELLO to FALL!

I hope you all had a fantastic summer! Let the fall season begin…..

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