10 Things I’m Thankful For

November is the month of being thankful + grateful, and I wanted to take this time to show my gratitude and appreciation of how thankful I really am. However, I am always thankful for what I have in my life, not just in November or more specifically on Thanksgiving, but all year round.

  1. My kids | First and foremost, I am very thankful for my my kids. They are my life. I love being a mother. Of course it’s challenging and stressful, and REQUIRES so much patience, BUT it’s so worth every second! They are so much fun + I love watching them grow as little ladies.
  2. My husband | First and foremost, I am very thankful for my husband. My husband keeps us grounded and is honestly the BEST supporter ever! He is allowing me to follow my dreams, and pushes me everyday to work hard at what I am doing.


3. Our home | Although we may not be homeowners quite yet, I am VERY thankful to be able to provide a roof over my family’s head. That is more important than ever becoming a homeowner.

4. Food | While millions of people starve to death, I am very thankful to be able to provide + make good quality food for our family.

5. Family | As many of you know, I spend a lot of my time with my family. My family is very close. We enjoy each others company. We laugh. We talk for hours upon hours. We make memories together. We all love each other very much. We are very blessed in that nature to be able to have a close family like ours.

6. Support system | I am thankful to all of my followers and to those (friends/family) that have been by my side since the beginning of my journey, January 1st 2018. I may not have a HUGE following as other bloggers do, but knowing the love I receive and support, is beyond ANY number!


7. Cars | Might sounds silly, but vehicles are very important when it comes to a family. I am very thankful that we are able to have 2 vehicles to take us to where we need to go, and live our daily lives.

8. Social Media | Ever since I started blogging as my full time career in January, I’ve absolutely loved my journey! I love everything about it. I love communicating with you all on my social medias + blog and building that friendship with you. Since I started, it has showed me so much about the blogging community and definitely looked a lot easier than it really is. It has made me grown into such a confident lady. So I am very thankful social media is here, because without it, us bloggers wouldn’t be here and do what we love.

9. Faith | Whatever faith you believe in (or don’t) I am thankful to have faith. I may not be a religious person, but I will always have faith.

10. Safety | With so much chaos going on in our world lately, I am thankful that we are all safe. Wildfires, shootings, terrorism, robberies, etc., it’s never ending. Unfortunately, our world will NEVER be safe from harm, but all we can do is be THANKFUL + GRATEFUL that we are safe and made it another day in this place called life.

What are some of the things you are grateful for? Let me know down in the comments below. I hope you all had an AMAZING Thanksgiving, and remember take some time to be thankful all year round. It doesn’t have to be daily, but by taking the time to gather what you are grateful for, will make you appreciate things a little more.


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