How To Remove Tough Grease Build Up On Your Stove! This Method Works WONDERS!

Does your stove ever get that brown grease build up around the burners and it’s super duper hard to get off?!

Well, don’t worry, I have FINALLY found a solution to remove the build up without Having to use HARSH chemicals!

I know I know it’s gross that my stove USE to look like that. Honestly, it was just lack of deep cleaning the stove, which then lead to my stove looking super raunchy! Haha! But hey, if it wasn’t looking like that then I wouldn’t be able to give you guys the solution you’ve been looking for… hehehe!

But don’t think that I’ve never tried other solutions before. I’ve tried so many other ways and things….certain wipes, SOS pad, lemon and dish soap, etc….

It wasn’t until I was at my sister’s house, watching her cook dinner, and realized her stove looked exactly the same as mine! I told her my stove looked just liked hers and I couldn’t find a solution to remove the grease build up…. that’s when she said “baking soda and soap”. Now why her stove is as bad as mine, is another story lol, but I was determined to try anything!

So, of course you know I had to try it the next day, and what do you know, IT WORKED!!! (*mind blown*) Unfortunately, I was so caught up in the moment that I totally forgot to take a picture of how my stove looked before, but you can see from when I started the process of how bad it was…

What you need:

Dish soap

A butter knife


Baking soda

The Process:

1) First I removed the burner part of the stove. Mine didn’t require any tools or anything. I was able to simply pop them right off.

2) I applied baking soda around all the grease parts of the stove and then applied dish soap to the baking soap

3) My sister didn’t say to use vinegar, but I felt that the baking soda and dish soap wasn’t really making it watery or anything, so that’s when I added vinegar to all the parts of the baking soda mixture and that’s when it all started…. you can see and hear it start to bubble, and that’s exactly what you want to hear.

4) After applying vinegar, I let it soak for about 10-15 minutes

5) You can tell the grease if lifting by taking a butter knife and gently scraping the grease off from the stove. If you don’t want to use a butter knife you can do this with a rag, cloth, or sponge; however it may take a little longer. Believe me I tried! Also, if you’re wondering if it scratched up my stove, IT DIDN’T! Just be VERY gentle when doing this!

6) After removing all the grease build up, I just cleaned up the stove using dish soap and water.

7) And VOILA!! A brand new looking stove! Let’s just say I learned my lesson with my cleaning up grease from cooking right away.


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