Clean Microwave Using ALL Natural Products That You Mostly Have At Home

It all happens to us, when we microwave something and it explodes, and we either get too lazy to clean it up or say we’ll clean it up after eating, but then forget… yup, I think it happens to all of us!

But then it comes time to clean up the microwave, and everything is hard to get off. I have the best ALL NATURAL at home products that will take the gunk right off!

Most of these products we already carry at home. All you need is water (sink water is fine), vinegar, and a half of a lemon. If you don’t have a lemon then you can replace the lemon with a couple squirts of dish soap.

Taking a microwave safe bowl, add water about half way into the bowl, then add 3 tablespoons of vinegar into the bowl and squeeze the lemon juice right into the mixture as well, then place the lemon skin into the bowl. Stir mixture and place into the microwave. You will heat up the mixture for 4 minutes. The steam of the water mixture will evaporate and soften all the gunk that has been building up in there.

After the 4 minutes is up, take a few paper towels or rag and wipe clean! It’s best to wipe the microwave down as soon as the 4 minutes is up. I’ve forgotten about it before and waited  and then by that time I was ready to clean the microwave, it already harden back up. But, if this happens to you, all you need to do is start the microwave again for another 4 minutes, and voila!

TIP: If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, then you can eliminate it and just use lemon. Using vinegar disinfects everything, but the smell can be strong for some people. 

I hope you give this a try! It’s a great way to clean your microwave WITHOUT using chemicals!

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