Beauty Must Haves For Christmas

Beauty products are great gifts to give or even receive for Christmas or any occasion for that matter. However, so many brands come out with so much products rapidly that it can be very overwhelming at times. I’ve made things just a bit easier for you when it comes to beauty products…

When shopping for most people, even for yourself, you start to question ‘which palette should I get, which one is good, does this blend good, how’s the smell, etc’. At this point in the beauty industry, I feel like pigmentation and blending has very much improved over the last year or two, in palettes because it’s what’s most important + reviewed about right? With that said, I don’t think you can really go wrong with purchasing a palette now a days. Not saying that there aren’t still crappy palettes out there, because there are, but for the most part a lot of companies have improved with their product formulas, making it very pigmented, creamy, and blendable!

Skin care products + perfumes can be a tricky one though when trying to gift these products to someone, because you really have to know if they will end up liking the smell of the perfume and also having to know their skin conditions. So, if you are trying to gift someone a beauty product but not really sure on what type of scent smells they like or not knowing their skin conditions, I would pass on these products and play it safe with a palette, make up brushes, or body care (again depending on skin conditions). 

I’m sharing with you all, all of the beauty products that I ABSOLUTELY love!! I do already own MOST of the products below, but I sure do have my eyes on a couple palettes that I will be putting on my Christmas list for Santa (hahaha)!






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