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Hey guys, I’M BACK and it feels so great being back on here typing and sharing everything with you all again! 3 weeks of no blog post and not being on social media so much, is a long time. But, so much has happened within the past month and a half, it’s CRAZY! But, I’m here to share with you all the news!

Where to even start….. so for about 2 years now, Bobby (my husband) and I have been on the hunt searching for the perfect home for our family. We’ve spent the first year not only searching and looking at so many different homes, but also working very hard on our credit. As far as our credit, it was bad guys, but I will do a whole other post going in depth of our credit and how were able to raise our credit and get our dream home.

After spending a year working on our credit and getting it to where it needed to be, we finally got more serious and searched for our home. We both new that we wanted a brand new home and wanted to build it from the ground up. Then came across a brand new community that just opened in March 2019. We visited it, seen the home models, and ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE with the homes! We instantly new, this was where we were meant to be and loved the home. I will also do another post more in detail of the home and how everything worked out and so forth, within the next month.  So we ended up going into contract in June.

Once we went into contract, we then decided to make another decision and break our lease and move in with my parents for the next 6-8 months, until we close on the home and move in. Doing this gave us a few months to save more and get things we want for the house.

So, we moved out of our townhome on my birthday. We moved everything except our clothes and everyday essentials into a storage unit, and have been at my parents ever since.

I will be honest, moving in with my parents has been a bit rough. My dad has been having a rough few years and is always in so much pain (siatic nerve/spine problems), which results in him complaining a lot, short tempers, etc. However, we are trying to look at the bright, and are just thankful we have this opportunity to stay with them while our home is being built. We are really counting down the days though!

So there you have it folks. That’s what has been going on for the past month and a half, and why I had to postpone EVERYTHING! But, now with the move all done, and us finally settling in my parents house, and after being on our vacation… it feels good getting back to reality and writing again.

We are so dang excited for this new chapter in our lives, and seriously cannot wait to share with you home updates, DIY projects that we have planned, home purchases, etc!


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