Hi there, and welcome to Life as a Mosley! My name is Christine. I was born and raised in the city that NEVER sleeps or as some of you call it, Sin City! I will be entering my thirties in June; which many say those are the best years to live out. So, I’m pretty excited to turn the big 3-0. I married my husband, Robert on June 20th 2015, but we have been together since October 2006 (yes, a long time). We have 2 daughters together, Melia and Avery, who are now the age of 7 and 4. I love all outdoor adventures, all beauty and fashion, and have a passion for event coordinating and event styling. I have fallen in love with traveling the world, and I do it as much and as often as I can. I hobby in scrapbooking, and for those who know me, know that I am a BIG planner. In fact, I live my life through my planner and notebooks. Lastly, and most importantly, I love spending time with my family & friends.

I’ve designed this blog for a place for people (YOU) to come and venture in all avenues of all topics, and on what inspires me. I want to share with you daily topics, lifestyle topics/advice, travel advice/stories, beauty tips/tricks/looks, my personal weight loss struggle/dairy, etc. However, my most important goal is hoping you leave feeling happy, inspired, or leaving here with useful tips.




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